One of the best paellas in Barcelona – Restaurant Cheriff

8 Nov

Interior Cheriff restaurant

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It’s not just a few people who dare claim that in this classic of la Barceloneta they have eaten the best paella in the entire city. There must be a reason for that.

The peculiar name of the restaurant stands for the peculiar founder of this fish shop that was opened some 45 years ago, and who was literally forced to expand his business and his offer. A family restaurant that is now run with love by the Cheriff‘s daughter and son-in-law. It is decorated just like the typical seafood restaurant and its walls are covered with hundreds of pictures.

In a surprisingly homey and friendly atmosphere, both inside and outside in the small terrace, we will enjoy an excellent cuisine based on fish and seafood dishes. Absolutely all the dishes are top quality and elaborated with fresh products of the day.

Cheriff is, no doubt about it, a must, at least for those who are curious to taste a proper real paella, and also for those who already know what it tastes like (to whom there is no need to make any recommendation).

Restaurant: Cheriff
Address: Carrer de Ginebra, 15 (Barcelona).
Area: La Barceloneta.
Average Price: 40 euros
Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 13-16:15 hr and from 20-23 hr.
Closed: Monday. Sunday lunch time. 25th of December. 6th of January.

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